Tuesday, February 2, 2016

NH's Coast: Adam’s Point and North Hampton Beach in the Winter

Yesterday was warm for February in New England (it reached 59 degrees!), and we decided to go to the seacoast of New Hampshire to go exploring around the Great Bay area.  We took a back way to Adam's Point first, which was the same route my mom took on her bike to work at the Conservation Center thirty years ago in college.

We took Tora, and she had a wonderful time digging, and running and sniffing about.  The ocean here really smells right.  I've been to beaches in southern New England that are missing the quintessential briny "beach" smell, which is probably due to the kind of seaweed commonly found around Great Bay.

We then took a pretty scenic drive to North Hampton Beach (which is in my opinion, the best seacoast beach in New Hampshire, away from the crowds and games found at Hampton Beach, farther down the strip).

New Hampshire and Maine Beaches have so many special memories for me, and are beautiful even in the dead of winter.

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