Sunday, February 7, 2016

Company and Product Review: Some of Yankee Candle’s Winter Scents

It has now been full-blast winter for much of the eastern part of the country, with the snow storm Lexi blowing through part of New England and finally giving us several inches.  It’s still winter, and because we haven’t had much snow so far, to be honest, I’d love a good nor’easter to blow through another time and let everyone settle down with their families, warm food, books, and of course, a choice of candles.  Yankee Candle is one of my favorite companies because they are relatively inexpensive, yet a fun luxury, come in countless varieties.  I like trying homemade candles at roadside shops, farmer's markets, and holiday mini malls, but they can often not be as safe to burn as the better known quality brands.

The candles I have loved for the past couple of winters are Yankee Candle’s Vanilla Chai, North Pole, Balsam and Cedar, and Sparkling Snow.  These scents are particularly good to burn together or alone.

I like fresh, lightly piney scents all winter, and pull out the Balsam and Cedar and Sparkling Snow at the end of November, and they last me until sometime into March, when my lilac Slatkin and Co. candle makes its first appearance of the year.  Balsam and Cedar is a quintessential pine tree Christmassy scent, but is woodsy enough to invoke a winter forest, even in February.  Sparkling Snow is cleaner and brighter, with a little less pine, which is mingled with the fresh air that reminds me of snowshoeing in the woods over freshly fallen snow.  Balsam and Cedar is a classic pine green, with a picture of thick pine boughs laden with pinecones.  Sparkling Snow is winter white with a picture of a snowflake, with snowy pine branches in the background, decorated with glittering snowflakes around the sides of the image.

North Pole is the one of the only sweetly-scented candles I go for, that isn’t mixed with spice.  It is the most Christmassy scent of the lot, but I felt it should still be included because it mixes well with any of the others I have all winter long, as they help cut the peppermint.  North Pole is predominantly peppermint, but it’s not overpowering.  The mint is overlaid with vanilla, which makes for a reminder of those peppermint pinwheel cookies that are just as good during the holidays as later in the winter season.  This candle is a creamy white, picturing a bundle of red and green candy canes in the foreground of some warm white fairy lights.

Vanilla Chai is characterized in the food and spice in Yankee Candle, and is good all year round, but that makes it appropriate for winter and a nice change from the holiday scents that we’ve all been bombarded with for the last couple months.  It is warm and slightly spicy, but not in an overly-cinnamon way, perfect for autumn and winter nights (and dark days) curled up watching a program on the arctic.  (I prefer the Wildest Arctic series to Frozen Planet, personally.)  The light vanilla dose is again, not too sweet, but perfectly keeps the spice from becoming too much.  This candle is a warm caramel brown, with cups of chai tea, surrounded by spices and vanilla beans.

There you are!  As you can tell, I love both fresh and warm candle scents (well, that goes for perfume as well).  I know many people are sticklers for keeping holiday candles for the holidays, but to be honest, only one mentioned above is truly festive (North Pole).  I love these scents, and they do help a home feel more cozy.  I'd love to do future posts on candles from Slatkin and Co., Diptyque, and The White Company, so I'll have to start testing!

(Note:  I am not being sponsored, these are products I bought or received from friends and am doing an honest review.)

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