Sunday, December 8, 2013

Workout Madness!

Hellooo Everybody!

This is end of my second to last weekend of this semester! (Whoot whoot!)  I've got five essays to write, and only one exam, (which comprises of 3 of the 5 essays I will already have done by the exam) so I'm working ALL next week, double shifts.  Yay.  I figured why not, I mean I might as well make as much money as I can, and I'd hate to have nothing to do and not be paid.

I wrapped most of my Christmas presents to people here at school yesterday, and I worked out at the new fitness center that I haven't had the time to walk into yet to check it out.  It was pretty epic, I must say.  I cross-trained through southern New Zealand and part of Wyoming yesterday and I ran/walked through Bavaria and Munich, Germany, as well as part of California today.  Both for an hour.  I'm a bit sore, but that might also be because I slipped and fell while looking for a marker to mark out the prices on my presents to people, and hit my roommate's desk with my side.  Ouch.  Besides that, I'm excited to get this week over, and am watching Zoella's vlogmases because I'm a little behind.  I was also behind on my advent calendar yesterday, so that was fun!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back From Thanksgiving!

I think everyone received a well-deserved break from work and school or whatever it is people do!  I myself am still deep in the trenches with the amount of projects I have, but I have mostly presentations and projects and not so much of an overload with exams.  Two and a half weeks and I'll be home for good this semester!  I will miss my Human Fossil Record class, but I think I'll take what I've gotten from it and work on my own projects this winter for anthro. 

I ended up not doing so much homework with week because of having to rely on others in group projects.  When you're the only one doing the work on a holiday weekend, it makes sense to just stop and see if the others will do something.  I went home Tuesday night after waiting at a friend's house and watching part of the first Hobbit move.  Wednesday was a break and a half and my animals all seemed to think I had only been gone for a day.  They were still super-cuddly though.  Thursday wasn't Thanksgiving, for us this year, to be different, and we had our turkey and food mostly from our garden on Friday.  Saturday my best friend invited me to see lights up north like we have done for years.  I can't wait for the Christmas Eve mass with her family in a few weeks!