Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Product Review: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

I just watched Alix from I Covet Thee’s recent video on her most underrated products, and Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette (in the older packaging) made her list.  I was slightly surprised that she mentioned it as an underrated product, as I go for it more than any other palette, and have done so for a couple of months since I bought it for myself just prior to Christmas.  I admit I had trouble finding reviews on it, and although I found a couple well-made videos and blog posts, they were few.  So I commented in Alix’s video pretty much what I just wrote here, and mentioned that more people should write or talk about it.  I figured I’d follow up on that and dedicate this little corner of my blog to this lovely product!

My decision pretty much went on Zoella’s video from months back, in which she uses a few of the colors from this palette in a natural eye look, and I have coveted the palette from then on.  I love taupe, tawny, gold, copper, baby pink, vanilla, and brown shades, and this palette has all you need, as well as a mirror, a cheat-sheet for ideas, all in a neat little tin case, with a magnetic closure.  This means it is ideal for travel, and is also a lovely addition to any makeup table or boudoir.  The pale pink and gold scrolling is so 18th century, which makes me love it more!

The colors are divided into “Day”, “Classic”, and “Fashion”, going across, for those who like easy to use pre-coordinated color selections.  But you can mix any of the colors with any of the others, and they can be made suitable for any sort of occasion, as Zoella did in her video.

The “Day” colors are all matte, and are neutral and velvety to blend.  The quintessential vanilla color is represented in the first slot, called “Heaven”, followed from left to right by “Cashmere Bunny”, a warm chocolate matte suitable for the crease (or brows, if you’re a brunette), and “Sexpresso”, a deep neutral brown I like to use for lining with an angled brush.  The “Day” colors are great on any color eye.

The first two “Classic” colors are a pearl shimmer finish, and are slightly pinker and copperier in tones.  The larger shade, often used for highlight or all over the lid, is “Silk Teddy”, followed by “Push-Up”, a warm, rich copper (my favorite for crease with my red hair), and shimmery dark taupe called “Erotica”.  This row looks amazing on any color eye, but I think the pinks are particularly suited to blue.

The final “set” is “Fashion”, with the lid color as “Nudie”, a light matte taupe-brown (again fine for brows), crease as “Honey Pot”, a fiery gold pearl shimmer, with the liner as “Chocolate Martini”, a dark khaki-brown shimmer (I love this color for my green eyes, and I imagine hazel would be amazingly suited to this shade as well).

As I said, the colors are well-suited to mix with any combination, but I decided on the order of the packaging, because when I’m in a rush, it is certainly easier to follow the order that has been neatly given by Too Faced.  Feel free to experiment with the endless combinations, because even if this palette is “Natural” doesn’t mean it is boring in any way!  I will do a look or several with this palette soon, so keep checking back.

(Note:  I paid for this product because I have wanted it for a while, and have not been sponsored.)

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