Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Directions

Hey everyone!

I told you back in January that I had something special to share with you.  That was my acceptance to the Koobi Fora field school in Kenya.  I have since realized the reality of the expense, although waited until the end of last month to make my decision, because of the chance of an amazing fellowship opportunity.  I did not get the fellowship, but I am going to reapply next year, because as a budding anthropologist, and my overlapping passions in paleontology, archaeology, and history, it would be simply incredible to have the experience.  Koobi Fora was where Mary and Louis Leakey's son Richard did much of his work.  I grew up watching a BBC period drama film with my mom called Wives and Daughters, which ends with two of the main characters walking together in the Rift Valley during a 19th century research trip.  I have dreamed of going ever since.

In the meantime, I am going to graduate in less than a month, get my boating and scuba certifications, work, get field experience closer to home, write, and of course, relax with my friends and family.

“I daresay it seems foolish; perhaps all our earthly trials will appear foolish to us after a while; perhaps they seem so now to angels. But we are ourselves, you know, and this is now, not some time to come, a long, long way off. And we are not angels, to be comforted by seeing the ends for which everything is sent.”  -- Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives and Daughters