Tuesday, November 4, 2014


     Happy new semester and season everyone!  It's now fall and my last year as an undergrad.  I'd just  like to mention one of the things that's been keeping me busy with the planning and sakai and facebook page setups, and going through all the student senate requirements.  The URI Anthropology and Antiquarian Association (AAA), has been going through some rough patches because of the loss of some amazing seniors last year.  We're working our way through them, and hope to make the group a fun experience for anyone who wants to stop by at our meetings, or simply read the amusing (and educational) posts on our facebook page.  It's a great way for people of these overlapping fields of interest to come together and learn new things.
     We're hoping for some cool events later this semester, aside from game and movie nights.  Maybe there will be some guest speakers or a collaboration with another student organization?  If you're new to this group or simply interested, welcome.  If you've been with us, thanks for staying in the boat!  Here's hoping for a new set of adventures!

Here's the link to our facebook page for announcements and other fun things!

This is the banner we painted at "First Night", a fun time for new students to connect with the student organizations!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bronx Zoo and Updates!

It's almost the end of another semester, and I can't believe I haven't written in so long, but it's also been the toughest as of yet.  Three of my classes are four hundred-level and two are three hundred, so it's a haul.  I have about four weeks left until I get to go home, but the last week and a half is all finals and work, so it shouldn't be too much in the homework department.

I finally took a break and went to the Bronx zoo yesterday, with two friends who are graduating, and one who isn't, as well as a few others.  We had a nice tour bus with movies, and I didn't do homework all day.  The zoo was so large, and we had so many hours to spend there, I can barely differentiate between all the things we did.  I know we took the little shuttle thing, as well as the dinosaur ride (me being irritating because I know a lot about prehistoric life), and tried to fit in as many animals as possible.  The tigers weren't in sight, and the gorillas were being blocked by people, but I managed to get pictures of the baby gorilla there. 

Here is one of the gorillas, and below is the same one or one of the others longing.  The mother with her baby were being blocked, so we barely got to see them because of all the people.

I have exciting news, really more from several months back, and culminating something that happened Friday, but I will get to that in the next post!