Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Joppa Hill Farm in the Winter

This walk is a loop, and you can either start by the bee skeps on the right and head through the woods, or start on the left past a sheep pasture guarded by an electric fence.  This will lead you by the farm area first, then you can decide to go straight on the next fork to the pond, or right and across the fields then the woods.

This is where you can actually see part of the farm, and as you walk down this road there are several pens of livestock, including goats, sheep, rabbits, and alpacas.

The field over the side of this old stone wall sometimes holds a few horses from the farm.

The stream made intricate ice patterns as it wove its way into the pond.

This trail winds over a pasture, and is bright and sunny in the Summer, but is quite beautiful this time of year as well.

Tora loves running over boardwalks, and this walk actually connects to another NH walk that is filled with boardwalks (more than here), which is Pulpit Rock in Bedford.

Beautiful swampy forest, filled with snow and snow wash from the mountains.  This pool might be a vernal pool which is only filled with water in the Spring to allow for eggs and tadpoles to live and hatch.

This is a classic erratic boulder right next to a classic New England stone wall.  There were a few large boundary trees as well, and it is easy to transport yourself two hundred or more years back in the past.

Of course, Tora always loves the chance to go in the water, and she also loves ice, and as it's all melted now, this was one of her last chances to break up some ice!

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