Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to Fix Formatting Issues Within Blogger: Font and Size of Font Change in Draft Versus Published

Now, I work my posted in Microsoft Word, because I’m used to it, and that’s also how I write my stories and most other documents.  Before a couple of weeks ago, this wasn’t an issue.  I copy and paste using CTRL A to select all, and CTRL C to copy into my draft blog at blogger.  I have done over twenty blogs like this, and all of a sudden, at the beginning of February, I wrote a blog that looked great in the draft and all different fonts in the published version.  I apologize to anyone who noticed while I still had it up before fixing it, as it took a while to find the right answer.  Needless to say I didn’t find the answer online, even after hours of searching, and finally tried copying my text into a different version of a text document.  That didn’t work.  I tried fiddling with the HTML section and copying directly into there.  No success.  I tried the “fix formatting” button at the top right hand of the draft.  It made the font universal, finally, but it all messed up again when I changed it to my desired font, Georgia.  ERRGG!!!

I decided to try one more type of document to copy my text into and decided on google docs, as it’s what I used for years in college and it never let me down.  I actually got nostalgic looking through my old anthropology and geology papers.

Google docs came through!!  It showed me exactly what I saw when I looked at the preview of the post that had caused me so much vexation.  The first and last paragraph were one font and the middle two another, which no amount of changing in the draft had made any difference.  I simply had to select all the text in google docs and change the font size and type to match completely, and copied that perfect version into my draft.  SUCCESS!

I guess Microsoft Word has its own formatting “thing” that doesn’t match with some other platforms, such as google docs and blogger.  Well, this is my take on it, and I’m not as tech-savvy with computers as many others.  I will still continue to use Word, because that’s how I’ve organized so many other posts before this one.  At least I understand this quirk to some extent now.

I hope this helped anyone who was stuck in the same formatting quagmire as me, and if not, at least found it somehow useful!

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