Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Product Review: Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

I have really only tried a few brands and types of mascara over the ten years or so that I’ve been wearing makeup.  I prefer Revlon and Maybelline, although many reviews I’ve looked at don’t tend to show much love for Revlon mascaras.  I thought as there haven’t been much out there for the Dramatic Definition version of all-new line of Revlon mascaras, I'd get to it myself!

I have pale brows and lashes, being a redhead, but my lashes are fortunately rather long and have natural curl.  I also don’t go for ultra-dark, showy lashes that tend to get spidery (yuck).  I love the look of light false lashes, and prefer my mascara to do a good job of lengthening, volumizing, separation and definition to get the best out of my natural lashes.  My go-to mascaras before this buy were the Maybelline Lash Sensational and Revlon Grow Luscious (both non-waterproof, and brownish-black, if possible).  Now that the old Revlon mascara lines are extinct, I felt like it was time to try to the new line.

My local CVS had the rack full of the new products out in front, with every variation available.  I noticed the blue (length and volume) version had the most missing, but stuck with my purple definition one, as I liked the few reviews out there on it.  It only came in black or darker, and the waterproof is not out yet (not that I would get waterproof, but for those who do, it should be out this summer), so I grabbed the good old regular black for $8.99 without tax.

First off: packaging.  I like it, with the simple design and fun matte finish on one half and bright color on the other (I love purple anyway).  I preferred the holographic colors of the older Revlon packaging, but I just love color.  The case is a flattened oval shape, which makes it stand out in my makeup container, and makes it easier to hold.

The wand is average-sized, with the bristles coming off a squared brush.  The bristles are both long and short (interchanging), to help get into the lashes.  The bristle head is slightly flexible, which is different for me, I suppose to help bend the wand to reach all the lashes.  Dramatic Definition is also a straight wand, unlike Maybelline Lash Sensational, which also makes me like it more.

The first impression is:  I like it!  It did not make my lashes clump much (only in the second coat a little bit, fixed with an eyelash comb), and showed all of the length that is hidden because of my blonde lashes.  There is definitely some volume as well, but the main thing is the definition, as it is supposed to do.  I think I would reach for this over the Maybelline I have, mostly because it is quick and easy to apply a slightly dramatic, yet still pretty natural set of lashes for everyday!

Here are my before and after, then two coats, from top to bottom.  Last is two coats in natural light.


Do you like mostly natural-looking “best of my natural lashes” too?  Have you tried this or any of the other new Revlon line?  Let me know what your favorites are!

(Note:  I went out and bought this product myself and am not being paid to review.)

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