Friday, January 23, 2015

The Last Step!

Hey everyone!

My winter break went very well, even though we didn't get enough snow consistently to go sledding like last year.  Christmas was relatively quiet, but our 11-month-old long-haired German shepherd made things a lot more fun.

My beloved first legitimate workplace has closed for the semester and we have all been moved to two other locations.  So far, we miss our old home base!  The managers have all been demoted, but that can only be expected when we don't know our way around a new place.  Our amazing boss is temporarily at the other dining hall, and we never see her and other state workers unless we go see them.  It stinks not having the big open dish room and kitchen, and being able to see everyone.  I also miss blasting music and singing with my friends, as we're not allowed even radios, and we don't always get to work together.  Oh, well.  The start of my last semester as an undergraduate hasn't gotten off to the best start, but I'll try to focus on the positive, and hope that more good things happen!  Exciting news has finally reached me, and I have a special post in mind coming soon!


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