Friday, January 30, 2015

Taking One Step at a Time

Hello everyone!

I just realized today's blog title is similar to last week's, but there was unintentional purpose in that.  Last week I found out some amazing, life changing news (yes, it is coming soon!  Just waiting for more details.), which was "One Last Step" in my undergraduate career.  In "Taking One Step at a Time", I mean the little things in life that get you down, pull you up, or make go the direction it goes.  These steps are your steps.  My steps.

I have disclosed to my friends and family that I am not enjoying work as I did the last three years because we have been moved to new locations.  This is temporary for some, but I'm leaving in May, so that is the last step.  That does not mean I can't make the most of where I choose to take my steps.  I've been feeling down because of the changes I can't help, but I've decided to, in the very least, make an effort to see everyone I used to work with by working in two locations, and cutting out a few days where my work feels redundant.

I'm hoping that with only taking four classes, and making time for work and friends, I can end this final semester on a high note, even if I can't sing during my shift anymore.  Maybe they'll understand and let me, or even join in!

Be safe if you live in the Northeast, hope you get rain in California, and have a great weekend everyone.

(Insert kitten picture here.): HAPPY KITTEN - You can Do it

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