Sunday, May 8, 2016

Company Review: Pacifica

I have always loved scent and perfume, and have been experimenting with it for nearly ten years.  I think natural, single-note scents are always a good place to start if you’re new to wearing a scent.  Even if you’re a veteran to perfume, there’s still a time and place for trying new areas of the fragrance world.  This post is dedicated to the company’s perfume and soap section, as I have not tried their line of beauty products.

To read the founder's story, click here.

The fragrances are divided into families, like fruits, florals, herbs and spices, and woods and resins.  The scents are also very natural and light, only comprising of a single fragrance.  This makes the scents easy for candles and soaps as well as perfumes.

I first tried Pacifica’s rollerball and solid perfumes at least five years ago.  I purchased the Waikiki Pikake and Egyptian Bergamot Rose in solid perfume and Persian Rose in rollerball.  The scent Waikiki Pikake is a light sandalwood and jasmine fragrance, inspired by the Hawaii Islands (and like the other scents, has a lovely story surrounding the inspiration included).  Persian Rose is a muskier rose scent, with notes inspired by the original perfumers: the ancient Persians and their yellow rose with one row of petals.  Unfortunately the Egyptian Bergamot Rose does not appear to be available anymore, which means I can't even contemplate finishing up that wonderful warm, earl grey tea-like scent.  As you can see, I prefer warm, floral scents, and have not tried the fruity ones.

Including my mom's purchases, I have gotten Waikiki Pikake, Persian Rose, Egyptian Bergamot Rose (RIP), Tahitian Gardenia, and Mediterranean Fig for perfume, and Tibetan Mountain and Persian Rose (yes, I love it!) for soap.

I have purchased Christmas (yes, this is a super late post, I know) presents for friends and family featuring other fragrance families though, and will update if they care to share their opinions other scents.  (I purchased two perfume rollerball trios, with Tuscan Blood Orange, Tunisian Jasmine Lime, Tahitian Gardenia, Indian Coconut Nectar, and Sugared Amber Dreams, as well as the Tibetan Mountain soap.)  Below are the descriptions of the rollerball trios in "Dreaming", then "Enchanted".

In case the perfume is not your thing, there are also soaps, candles, and reed diffusers available.  My mom likes scented soaps because they do not leave too much scent in case others are sensitive (her workplace is at a school, so there are lots of people who could be potentially allergic to scents).  She has tried several of the soaps, and they have great scent payoff as well, but are of course much lighter.

I love perfume, and that is what originally drew me into trying Pacifica years ago.  They only sent one catalogue, which is unfortunate, because having pages of picturesque descriptions of where the scents originate helps more people choose to try the company’s products.  (I love getting my tea and flower catalogues, as it helps narrow down showcased items that might otherwise get lost on a website.)  I plan on trying more soaps and other fragrances in the future, and am happy with my previous finds within the company.

Oh, yeah, and the last purchase I made came complete with an amazing box I now use to keep miscellaneous soaps in.

Who else is passionate about perfume and its history and origins?  You can find out about the different scents and their histories on Pacifica as well as other books and sources online.  Enjoy!

(I am giving my genuine review on this company and products, with my own time.)

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